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What is a papasan chair? 
The papasan is one of the oldest known pieces of furniture made from rattan.  A favorite throughout South East Asia, it was brought back to the States by our troops returning from the Pacific after WWII.  It soon became very popular, showing up in almost every import store in America during the 1960's especially Pier 1 stores. 

The frames are still made today by rattan artisans in Indonesia.  Our cushions are made right here in the States from the finniest fabrics and filled with 100% polyester fiber to make your chair so plush and comfortable you will find yourself snoozing in no time.

What is a mamasan chair? 
Mamasan is typically the name referring to the the oblong shaped chair that is also called the love seat or double papasan.

What Is Rattan?
Rattan is a type of spiny palm that grows like a vine. Originally collected from the rain forest it has become rare in many places and now is grown on rattan plantations in India, Southeast Asia, China and Indonesia. It is one of the fastest growing renewable resources for home furnishings.  Rattan grows as a long slender stem, similar to a vine, and can maintain an almost uniform diameter throughout its length. It is one of nature's strongest materials. The outer portion of the stem is extremely hard and durable, while the inner portion of the stem is softer and somewhat porous and not hollow like bamboo. It will not splinter or break, and is extremely resilient.

Workers remove the bark and cut the lengths into thin strips to be used for making cane seats and chair backs. The pithy interior is then cut into reed for use in wicker. Because rattan is extremely strong and can be fastened as securely as wood, the entire pole is used to make the frame of the papasan. This looks like bamboo but is much stronger. 

When heated with steam or a blowtorch, rattan becomes very pliable and can be bent into a variety of shapes without cracking.

Finished rattan furniture is as strong as steel and is nearly indestructible. It requires no particular maintenance and is extremely durable. Having been fumigated at the factory, it is also virtually immune against rodents and insects, unlike bamboo which deteriorates relatively quickly.

How do I care for MyPapasan frame?
Papasan frames require very little maintenance. Dusting with a soft damp cloth will keep your chair looking good. Spills should be taken care of immediately before they harden or stain, by wiping with a damp sponge and a little detergent.

The frames of the chairs can easily be touched up with premium wood stains, or furniture touch up pens available from your local home improvement stores.

 How do I care for MyPapasan cushion?
The cushion should be routinely turned and flipped monthly.  The cushion should be dry cleaned only.

Do you have outdoor papasan cushions for the new Pier 1 Outdoor Papasan Chair?
Yes we do, we are the only online store featuring cushions made for outdoor use. 
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Do you have rattan wrapping to fix my chair with?
Yes we also carry rattan wrapping, Click Here to place an order.

How do you refinish an old frame?
Click Here to learn how to fix your papasan frame.